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Breakfast and After School Clubs

Breakfast Club

At Caterpillars, we offer good quality before-school childcare. We aim to provide a nutritious and filling breakfast which will prepare your children for their school day. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for play and participation and will ensure that your children have a safe and happy time at Breakfast Club.

We encourage children to use Breakfast Club as a social opportunity and at the same time to learn about the benefits of healthy eating. After eating breakfast , then quiet play or activities are chosen.

Breakfast Club has a fixed daily cost of £8.00 per day ( sibling discounts available), which includes breakfast of toast (variety of spreads), cereals, fruit, yogurt, milk or water. The cost does not change depending on the time your children arrive.

The children attending Breakfast club will be taken to school and handed over to the dedicated school staff member to ensure they get safely to their classrooms.

After School Club

After School club at Caterpillars aims to provide a friendly, safe environment for children with a wide range of activities both inside and outside. Children will also be given support with their reading, as well as support with their learning through fun and engaging games.

Children staying up until 4.30pm will be provided with a choice of snack, such as a cookie, cake or fruit pot with a drink of milk or water.

Children from West Green Primary will be collected from the reception area at school, at the end of the day and taken to the club. Children can be collected from the After School Club at any time, but sessions must be booked up to 4.30pm.

(see Fees page for pricing)

Children's Cooking Class
Kids Playing Outside
Children in Library
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