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Each child is allocated a key person when they start pre-school and it is this persons responsibility to keep a 'Learning Journal' file for each individual child. This file contains detailed written observations, photographs and examples of the children's work and progresses with the children as they explore and play. Staff will observe the children at play and note the activities and areas which interest them and so stimulate them to learn. Staff will then use this information to plan furthur activities and learning opportunities which will help the children to progress onto their next developmental milestones. 


Planning is done on a weekly basis and the staff will focus on children to observe. Learning areas within each room are enhanced by adding additional resources and materials and activities, which are both planned and spontaneous, according to the interests of the child. Staff will also carry out detailed observations on their keyworker children on each of the learning areas, which is part of a child's half termly assessment. 


Termly parent consultations are undertaken which provides a chance for input from parents, as we consider parents to be part of a child's learning and development, and enable a child to be viewed holistically. 

Planning and Development

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