A Professional, Committed Team

We regard ourselves as a highly motivated professional team. It is important to us to have a dedicated team for the continuity of care for the children and to build outstanding relationships with everyone involved.


Cathie Clark      -        Senior Early Years Manager/SENCO -  Level 5


Southgate Team

Thomas Hilton-Lee -   Level 3 Practitioner - Manager/SEN Support#

Leeza Wake -                Level 3 Practitioner

Caitlin Lee      -           Level 5 Practitioner Trainee Deputy

Chloe Jupp -                Level 2 Practitioner

Kayleigh Lewis -          Level 2 Practitioner (Studying Level 3 Childcare)

Kirby Oak -                 Level 2 Practitioner ( Studying Level 3 )

Shanti Sothinathan -    Level 2 Practitioner

Alexandra Kibble -      Apprenticeship Level 3

Carly Dalton -             Support Worker (Studying Level 3)

Paige Draper -            Support Worker  ( Studying Level 3 )

Broadfield Team

Hayley Smith   -          Level 4 Practitioner -  Trainee Manager

Carly Manville -           Level 3  -  Trainee Deputy Manager 

Kellie Hilton   -            Level 3 Practitioner

Kirstie Brooks -          Level 3 Trainee Deputy

Stephanie Ould -          Level 3 Practitioner

Kayleigh Smith -         Support Worker (Studying Level 3 Childcare)

Rosie Pullen -              Apprenticeship Level 3

Liz Woolford -             Apprenticeship Level 3

Mariama Jammeh  -    Support Worker (Studying Level 3 Childcare)

Terri-Ann Andrews -   Support Worker (Studying Level 3 Childcare)

West Green Team

Shauni Burgess  -         Setting Manager - Level 3 

Terri Hewitt-                Deputy Manager - Level 3 

Ann Peiris -                Level 3 Practitioner

Carlisha Shaw -            Level 3 Practitioner

Chloe Bell -                 Level 2 Practitioner

Katie Butler -              Support Worker (Studying Level 2 Childcare)

Tracy Smith -              Support Worker

Bank Staff

Bethany Pejda -           Level 3 Practitioner 

All staff work within each setting at Caterpillars dependent on ratio requirements.






Student Placements


During the school year we have up to four placement students at any one time. 

These students are attending the local college and independent official training bodies and are at different levels of training towards a recognised certificate in childcare.

During their time with us they are continually supervised and observed. Their tutors and assessors regularly visit and monitor their progress.